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Research Articles

I have written the following articles to address subjects where there has been a lot of speculation.  These articles contain my speculations guided by as much evidence as I could muster.  The reader can decide for himself whether the evidence supports it.

Plotting Titanic’s Sheer Curve

The Knees to the Outboard Bulwarks and the Aft Bulkhead of Titanic’s Forward Well Deck

Surveyor’s Report on Crew Space Accommodation Can’t Be Considered Reliable for Ventilators and Skylights

An Expansion Plan of Titanic’s Shell Plating

The Case Against a Theory that Titanic’s Top of House Wood Sheathed Roofs Were Painted

Color Guide for the Olympic Class Ships

Forward “C” Deck Machinery Room on Titanic

A Re-Examination of the Structures on the Forward Roof Titanic’s Fourth Funnel Deckhouse

The Arrangement of Electric Fan Ventilators Atop Titanic’s Fourth Funnel Deckhouse

The Case for Restaurant Galley Skylights on Titanic

African Cowl Ventilators on the Roof of Titanic’s Officers’ Quarters?

External Components of Titanic’s Marconi Wireless System

The Case for Titanic’s Capstans and Windlasses Being Painted Green

The External Appearance of Titanic’s Expansion Joint

Titanic’s Cargo Hatch Covers and Associated Structures

An Analysis of the Layout of the Water Pipes on the Aft Face of Titanic’s Third Funnel

The Case for the Color of Titanic’s Propeller Warning Notice Boards Being Black and White

The Water Tank Aft of Titanic’s First Funnel

The Absence of Low Roller Fairleads in Titanic’s Forward Well Deck

Titanic’s Kelvin Sounding Machine

Titanic’s Antifouling Paint (revised)

An Analysis of the Configuration of One of Titanic’s Vent Trunk Intakes

Pillar Roller Fairleads of Titanic’s Forward Well Deck

Portable Roller Fairleads Used with Titanic’s Boat Winches

Titanic Ventilator Inventory and Location Map

Titanic’s Navigating and Docking Bridge Telegraph Dial Faces (Revised 3/26/2021)

Identification of Titanic Ventilator on Raised Roof Over Reading and Writing Room

A Re-Examination of One of Titanic’s Ventilators

Titanic’s Engine Room Winches

Operation of Titanic’s Engelhardt Collapsible Lifeboats

Chamfering of Thicker Teak Sheathing on Titanic’s Forecastle Deck

The Structure and Function of Titanic’s 25 ft. Emergency Boats

The Case for the Objects on the Weather Cover over Titanic’s Forward Grand Staircase Dome as Scaffolds

Bridgefront Windows article

The Case for the Aft Weather Cover Over Titanic’s Aft First Class Staircase Having Two Sidelights on Its Aft Face

Iron Ladders to Titanic’s Poop Deck: A New Discovery

Life Ring Locations on Titanic’s Weather Decks

Alternative Fixed Positions for Lifeboats in Titanic’s Boat Deck Passenger Promenade Areas

Operation and Control of Titanic’s Electric Cargo Cranes

Titanic’s Standing Rigging and Associated Hardware

Paint Color and Application to Titanic’s Winches: The State of the Evidence

The Case for a Change in the Color of Titanic’s Cargo Hatch Coamings

The Extreme Breadth Measurement of Titanic

Titanic Lifeboat Identification Plates

Separation Line Between Titanic’s Hull Black Paint and Antifouling Paint

Deckhouse Structures Aft of Titanic’s Third Funnel

A” Deck Underside Drawing

Description of the Structures on the Underside of Titanic’s Boat Deck

Drawing of the Structures on the Underside of Titanic’s Boat Deck

Wooden Plank Sheathing of Titanic’s Forecastle Deck

Procedures to Launch Collapsible Lifeboats on Titanic’s Officers’ Quarters Roof

An Examination of the Color “Dark Mast” Found on Titanic

Screens Over Intake and Exhaust Ducts of Titanic’s Ventilators (revised 9/21/20)

Titanic’s Lifeboat Capacity

Center Object on Titanic’s Staircase Skylight Weather Covers

Documentation of a New Titanic/Olympic Find: Support Stanchions Under the Poop Deck

Deployment and Retrieval Procedures for Titanic’s Center Bow Anchor

Titanic’s Boat Deck Waterproofed Wood Roofs

Fixed and Removable Railing Sections Around Titanic’s Forecastle Deck

Titanic’s Chart Room and Pilot’s Room Windows

The Case for the Function of Titanic’s Docking Bridge Wheel Exclusively as an Emergency Back-up

The Structure and Function of Anchor Handling Equipment Aboard Titanic

The Case for Dog Kennels on Titanic’s Boat Deck (revised 3-26-2018)

Titanic’s Funnels: Exterior Details

Water Pipes on Titanic’s Funnels

“What Height Are Titanic’s Funnels?”

Awnings Aboard Titanic

A Larger Radius Corner of Titanic’s Roof of the First Class Lounge

Open Wash Ports of Titanic’s Forward Well Deck

Titanic’s B Deck Mystery Object (revised 8/26/2019)

An Examination of the Color “Dark Mast” found on Titanic

Wooden Plank Sheathing of Titanic’s Poop Deck

Narrowing the Range of “White Star Buff”

Titanic’s First Class Smokeroom Bar Windows

A Comprehensive Plan for Evacuation of R.M.S Olympic After Her 1913 Refit

The Opening Windows of Olympic and Titanic’s Boat Deck First Class Entrance and Gymnasium

The Difference in the Principal Dimensions of the Engelhardt Collapsible Boats of Titanic vs. Olympic

Titanic ventilator intake guards (revised 9/20/20)

Titanic’s Emergency Cutter Fall Boxes

Analysis of the Location of the Head of the Forepeak Tank Vent on Titanic

Securing Clamps for Titanic’s Center Anchor

Deck Sheathing under Titanic’s Anchor Handling Gear

Shell Plating at the Midline of Titanic’s Stern Counter

Paint Application to Titanic’s Propellers

Unraveling the Mystery of Titanic’s Center Propeller

Titanic’s Mystery Whistles

Titanic’s Officers’ Quarters Skylights

The Distress Socket Signal Firing Locations Aboard Titanic

New Evidence of the Possible Danger of Loading Titanic’s Lifeboats to Capacity

New Evidence Which Explains the Functions of Titanic’s Docking Signal Systems

Why There Were Enough Lifeboats for All Aboard Titanic

New Discovery of a Bulwark Opening on Olympic Class Ships

A New Understanding of the Positions of the Welin Boat Davits Aboard Olympic and Titanic

White Star Buff: The case for more than one formulation of the color

Murray’s Boat Disengaging Gear (Revised 7/27/2018)

Titanic’s Coaling Outriggers

Location of Titanic’s Trotman Anchors

Deployment of Titanic’s Kedge Anchor:

Titanic’s Boat Deck Mystery Box

A New Understanding of H.M.H.S. Britannic’s National Ensign

The Application of Titanic’s Name to Her Hull

The Aft B Deck Mystery Object

Titanic Lifeboat Capacities

The Structure and Function of Titanic’s Anchor Chain Cable Compressors